Company Background
REDBEANZONE ( is a professional and convenient one stop shop for online shopping. It is a fashion-forward online shopping portal and provides convenience and affordable merchandise to the online shoppers. REDBEANZONE not only providing consumers a comprehensive shopping guide, but also continually integrate and uniting with different types of outstanding industries, traders and suppliers through our vast network in order to create a new sales channel, win-win situations and significant value. Smart consumers can use the power of information to easily find, compare and buy anything online in less time and for the best price.

The REDBEANZONE Merchant Program delivers ready-to-buy shoppers to merchant’s product pages. Throughout the REDBEANZONE network; merchant can increase brand awareness, develop new markets and create huge business opportunities.

Company Mission
In accordance with the principle of honesty, more merchants will join under business alliances to establish a successful trading group, by offering abundant supply of information and support to our merchants and consumers. We hope all the involved merchants would be able to create significant value. At the same time, we aim to create an orderly, rational and convenient shopping environment to assist all the consumers in buying international brands and products with the highest quality and reasonable prices.

Company Vision
1) Let REDBEANZONE to be a new-generation of giant online shopping mall, which consumers feel similar walk into a shopping mall, sale and purchase transactions not only can be performed at REDBEANZONE, but can also enjoy the online activities for free and at cheap price to enhance the visitor rate and the loyalty of consumers.
2) Online shoppers will be able to get the best product, discount prices and customer services, primarily in the areas of accommodation, transportations, clothing, food and etc.